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Santa Maria del Popolo School recognizes that parents are the primary educators and faith models for their children.  Together school and home cooperate in the development of the whole child.  We offer a variety of ways for parents to get involved in their childís school activities through organizations, boards and of course, volunteers.  The children, faculty and administration greatly appreciate their daily efforts, support, prayers and devotion.  

              The Family Association is an organization that promotes family involvement in the school.  Some of the functions that the association sponsors are Fun Fair, Christmas Bazaar, Golf Outing, and Skating Party.  They sponsor the teacher appreciation brunch and lunch and coordinate the Room Parent Program.  Multiple and varied activities offer something for everyone.  Get involved in the school community and volunteer to work with the Family Association Ė itís a great way to meet other school families.

             The School Board is composed of seven elected members of the parish, the pastor, and the principal.  The function of the School Board is to assist in hiring the principal, approve the budget and formulate all policies relating to planning, operating, and maintaining the facilities and equipment of the school within the framework of Archdiocesan policies.  Board Members are elected and serve for a school year.  Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.  All regular meetings of the School Board are open to parishioners and parents of children attending Santa Maria del Popolo School.

            Volunteers are an integral part of the Santa Maria del Popolo School family.  We are blessed to have many talented people who volunteer their time working with Media/Library services, Art Education, Junior High Mini-Classes, Athletic programs, tutoring and numerous day-to-day functions.


Last modified: July 18, 2000