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 Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled in November for each student.  Parent(s) / guardian(s) have the opportunity during these conferences to discuss their child’s progress and design a program that will promote a consistency between school and home.  The teacher or parent may request additional conferences at any time.  Any parent who wants a conference is asked to call the teacher to arrange an appointment before or after school. **Teachers are not available during the school day to meet or confer with parents.** Parents should not expect to meet with teachers without a previously scheduled appointment.

Office Information:  Office hours for the school year are 7:45 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

The Monthly Newsletter from our Principal is our official school-home communication.  Check-it-out for upcoming events and happenings around the school.  In addition to our official newsletter, we distribute a monthly school calendar.  Some classroom teachers also send home monthly or weekly newsletters and updates.  Santa Maria del Popolo School strongly believes that communication between parents and teachers is vital in ensuring a successful elementary school experience. 



Last modified: July 18, 2000